MIGROS TURK stake acquired by UK BC Partners

15 Şubat 2008 Cuma

A group led by UK private equity firm BC Partners has announced this morning that it has agreed to purchase a 50.8% stake in Migros Türk.

BC Partners will pay TRL 21.85 (USD18.46) a share to Koç Holding for the company, which has a market capitalisation of about USD3.25 billion. A tender offer will be made later for the rest of the shares in the retailer. With its market-leading position, strong and trusted brand, multiformat strategy, and extensive store network across Turkey, Migros is ideally positioned to benefit from the rapidly growing organized food-retail market, the favorable demographic trends and the positive dynamics of the Turkish economy, said Nikos Stathopoulos, senior partner of BC Partners.http://www.planetretail.net

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